Automated Stores. Smart Packaging.

Deliver Dispensing Efficiencies. Capture New Revenue Streams. Power Patient Engagement.


Reduce Waste and Power New Programs

Increase inventory velocity. Decrease pharmacy handling costs. Power new programs to extend reach and capture more revenue. Automate to enable Pharmacists to focus more on patients improving care and engagement.


Authenticate Prescription Drugs at Point of Use

Authenticate drugs. Detect tampering by interrogating packaging. Reduce risk of improper handling and use from manufacturer to patient. Introduce biometric identity management. Increase security of opioid dispensing.


Proactively Intervene and Improve Adherence

Unfilled prescriptions cost everyone. Medication not taken results in sicker patients. Quality scores suffer. Reimbursements drop. Manage Primary Non-Adherence (PNA). Proactively intervene to improve patient engagement.

“Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them.”

– U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop

TotusRx Smart Packaging

Our Proprietary Sealed Prepack Automates Pill Tracking

TotusRx Benefits

Capture new revenue with ‘on-demand’ prescription fill

Reduce labor & inventory costs

Normalize, manage and monitor opioid prescribing

Improve medication adherence. Improve Primary (PNA) and Secondary Adherence (SNA) scores

Strengthen patient engagement. Intervene to improve compliance 

Enable evidence-based medicine

 Strengthen contracting position for value-based reimbursement

“The biggest barriers to adherence are time and data. TotusRx frees up staff time and collects the data necessary to power actionable interventions.”

– April Tures, PharmD, RPh, Advisor

Medication Non-adherence

Poor Health. Readmissions. Costs. Premature Death.


$637 Billion

Cost of non-adherence to Life Sciences in 2016 – up from $564 billion in 2012


$290 Billion

Unnecessary healthcare expenditures due to inadequate adherence


7X Saved

for every $1 medication spend Diabetes


5X Saved

for every $1 spent
Cholesterol medication

TotusRx Platform

•  Automated Stores

•  Smart Packaging

•  Medication Adherence Index

Reaching consumers requires innovative solutions that go beyond the pharmacy counter

Shape patient behavior and drive outcomes through our patented delivery mechanism

Use our Medication Adherence Index to profile patient risk and proactively intervene

Ensure sustainable growth by capturing new revenue, improving inventory control and compliance

“Go beyond the counter” – deliver revenue and patient engagement to your pharmacy operations with TotusRx.